In the process of the construction, it is necessary to make the Work acquire enough strength to overcome the fatal paradox of being, on the one hand, an object created to transcend the death of the ego, and on the other, an instrument for absolute nullification of personality, into the regenerating dissolution of nothingness with no beginning, no end, neither above nor below.

- Gabriel Santamarina, The Ideal Work

The meditation upon the driving force behind the artistic practice leads me to the question about the real meaning of the work that a minute applicant like me for becoming a servant of the Absolute must undertake in order to be a conscious part in the vital operations of this universal laboratory.

- Gabriel Santamarina, The Ideal Work

I am Ion, the priest of sanctity. I have suffered terribly, since once, in the early morning, someone came here, opened my head with his sword, and meticulously cut me into pieces…tore off all the skin of my head, mixed my bones with my flesh and burned everything in the practice of the Work. Thus, through the transformation of the body, I have been able to become a spirit.

- Zosimos of Panopolis

Blackout Beach - Be Forewarned, The Night Has Come
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John Maus - Tenebrae
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Actress - Gaze
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